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Why choose an Existential Therapeutic approach?

Existential Counseling addresses the feeling sense of dissatisfaction in one’s life that often manifests as anxiety, depression, anger, despair, shame, or frustration. These feelings are indicators of something deeper at work that needs attending in an environment that is safe and caring, with dignity and respect, and with competence.


Existential Counseling uses an integrated approach that allows for a spontaneous and creative interaction and exploration of your concerns and difficulties during the therapeutic work together. This approach is grounded in fundamental therapeutic modalities that include Jungian psychology, existential analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, logotherapy, family systems, and depth psychology. Therapeutic sessions may include reviewing dreams, tapping into creative aspects that have been dormant, being present to shadow aspects, discerning a path for navigating the practical issues in life, and learning new skills and insights for managing interpersonal relationships. These sessions may also investigate what might be calling you to bring more meaning and purpose in your life while addressing what may be obstructing that calling.

Recommended provider for Existential Therapy

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Marc Adams is a graduate of UNC Charlotte where he completed his second Master's degree to become a licensed clinical practitioner. His primary focus is Existential Therapy.  Previously Mr. Adams graduated with an MBA from UC Davis which helped him navigate the technical aspects of a long career in the turbulent banking industry specializing in risk management. However, he used the existential questions in his own life to navigate the difficulties and challenges associated with this career. This existential approach became the driving force to change career paths and ultimately the desire to share valuable life lessons and teachings with others. Mr. Adams is also a board member of Charlotte Friends of Jung non-profit organization. This interest and expertise in Jungian psychology also informs his therapeutic approach.

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Marc Adams, LMSW, MBA

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