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great believer in the power of creative thinking and while the old age adage asks "glass half full or half empty?" My personal mantra is: Why not change the size of the container so your glass is always full!


Educated in both the UK and the US, I have a Ph.D in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. As a licensed clinician in private practice. I strongly advocate for integrative practices in the pursuit of wholeness and overall well being. I am passionate about learning and bringing alternative methods into the therapy room which include, dream work, creative endeavours and Somatic inquiry.   


Perhaps you have experienced times when you were unable to move beyond your current level of awareness and/or may have seen limited growth? At times, we get stuck without other avenues for self-expression. Mere words cannot capture and/or penetrate the deep healing potential available to us therefore, each session will incorporate techniques from a Jungian perspective. It is with your full potential in mind that I choose to incorporate not only "talk therapy", but also creative aspects into the clinical setting. Whether you are a creative being or currently believe you don't have any creative talent, there are myriads of interventions that we can draw upon to gently guide your journey towards wholeness.


We are innately intuitive beings and many times we don't fully listen to our bodies intelligence and sometimes even go against our gut instincts. Often times our thoughts are in conflict with our feelings because our cognitions are founded upon old beliefs structures and behavior is based upon unconscious internalized patterns that no longer serve us. Nevertheless, once we learn to trust ourselves and recognize these patterns we can learn to listen within for guidance, trust ourselves more deeply, and move forward towards

a more conscious life and greater potential.

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Sample creative projects:
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