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Spark Inner Wellness was founded by Wendy Balconi with the goal of helping others achieve optimal health and wellness. Modern life provides endless conveniences along with many challenges brought forth from our increasingly fast paced lives. Since optimal health is much more than the absence of sickness, Spark Inner Wellness aims to provide information, psychoeducation, and services to reintroduce a happier healthier you, despite a more demanding schedule. Promote higher levels of wellness and healing for the 21st century, improve health, sharpen your mind and boost your joy and vitality, to unleash your inner radiance. 

Wendy is also a co-founder of Creative Depth an organization dedicated to support clinicians in bringing more depth and meaning to the therapeutic process

Dream Work

Active Imagination

Somatic Practices


Alternative methods combine rational and experiential knowledge based on time-tested theories and methods. Creative tools facilitate more productive and engaging encounters in the clinical process.  

Promote higher levels of inner wellness, access new perspectives and light your way utilizing integrative practices. 




A method of relaxation, healing and balancing for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Each session includes methods of relaxation and stress reduction. 

optimum health
Somatic Practices

Promote mindful presence and support the process of self-development. They afford the opportunity to access preverbal patterns and facilitate a deeper understanding of limiting belief structures. 


Participate more fully in your OWN healing.


All integrative practices require no particular belief system and are effective with all who are open to alternative methods and depth psychological principles.


Solvitur Ambulando: An Embodied Experience of Argentine Tango

Balconi, Wendy. 

Pacifica Graduate Institute

 ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2020. 28029660.


Allow access to psychological material we may never otherwise uncover in the clinical setting

Dream material builds a bridge between the unconscious realm and conscious awareness

Provide important insight into how you view relational dynamics and the world in general

Reveal hidden aspects of the personality

Clinical work with dream material can elicit significant emotional responses and new insights which result in deep healing

Personal symbolic material contributes to more meaningful exchange and deeper resonance in the clinical setting


 Active      Imagination

Active imagination is a process that opens a portal to creative forms of expression. It requires a state similar to meditation while also being active to afford the expression of symbolic material.

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